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About Us

About 1mg Franchise

First of all, "1mg is an online pharmaceutical startup" founded in 2015. As a result, after collaborating, 1mg's valuation increased. Among other services, 1mg offers teleconsultations, lab test scheduling, and online delivery of prescription drugs and medical supplies. Currently, 1mg is growing popularity and has a bright future in the e-pharmacy sector.

Cost of a 1mg Franchise in India

If you were searching for a 1mg Dealership or Franchise in India and wanted to know how much it would cost in total. Therefore, we’ll give you all the details about it here. As you are aware, you need to have sufficient investment funds in order to take a dealership. If you want to purchase a 1mg franchise, you must invest a minimum of 20,000, as well as purchase some stationary goods and pay the franchise fee to the company.

Conditions for 1MG Franchise Eligibility in 2023

Individual Required Documents for 1MG Dealership in 2023


As an aspiring entrepreneur, I had been searching for the perfect franchise opportunity that aligned with my passion and values.
James Willem
New York
Little did I know that 1mg Franchise would turn out to be the game-changer I was desperately seeking.
Ristesh Patil
Their team of experts walked me through the entire franchising process, patiently answering all my questions and addressing any concerns I had.
vicky singh
New York